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I don't understand why I never really got into Harry Potter... Oh, right. Because in my day you had to choose between Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.

Hey, you know what's great? Lord of the Rings...oh, I feel a new LotR phase coming on...

*cough* Anyway. Maybe I should read them, the Harry Potter books. It just seems to me like there's a huge discrepancy between the maturity levals from the first to last book. I don't know... I never took to the books when I used to have to read them to my babysitting kids.

In other news thoughts, I wish I wasn't such a wimp. Because then I could be... an ice hockey player. It just seems like it would be wicked fun.
I have just made an awesome discovery: there is a national public toilet map online. Can you beleive it? So next time I'm in Fremantle I'll KNOW where those toilets are, dammit!!

Peace out.

Oh, and a shout out to all my LJ friends getting married in the near future. You know who you are. This is it, you know. You're all grown up when your friends start getting married.

Apr. 2nd, 2009



*cough* I'm pretty sure I didn't mention on my personal LJ how badly my interview went in February (y'all can read it here -http://community.livejournal.com/jetjapan/475678.html- if you want) and how they basically told me I wasn't good enough to be a CIR, but they'd consider me to be an ALT, except I was such a broken mess that I was pretty sure I wouldn't get in AT ALL.



And also:


*runs around in happy ecstatic circles*

I have the certificate hanging next to my Arts diploma, because they are of EQUAL IMPORTANCE. 3 years of painful essays is totally equal to this validation of my Japanese skills. Cause I just really, really suck at languages.

*sigh* but on I go anyway...
Am posting a comment I made to one of my LJ friends here because I've been holding this in for WEEKS. I've been feeling very sorry for the poor LOST fans who thought they might actually find out what's going on in season 5, and I feel even more sorry for people who don't like LOST at all, because dammit, it is awesome!

Hee. People who demand to know what the hell's going on will not ever like LOST. Because, damn it, we're up to season 5 and we still don't know. But I LOVE it, because I just relax and go with it.

And, on a professional note, I really admire the producers and script writers. I am not naive enough to believe they had this whole crazy plot worked out from the beginning. They just started writing- and now they're adding stuff in actually that matches. It's very admirable indeed!

Plus, I love all the visual clues and repeated images...it holds it together when things get insane...

Oh, I could go on like this all day. I love them going back and forth in time. I love them constantly adding new characters before we get a handle on the previous new characters. They're not afraid to let people die. And death doesn't mean that character goes away! Ahh man I love LOST!

It is a very difficult thing to achive. Not many shows can get through a person's 'as if' barrier and be entertaining enough to keep people watching without screaming WHAT THE HELL ARE THE NUMBERS?? *cough* Now, if you can convince yourself that you don't really care what the numbers mean and still enjoy the show, you're in. YES.
It occured to me just now that there's a lot of things I could have mentioned on LJ that I just- didn't! *bad jess*

1) *most important* I have my interview for JET coming up very soon, and am EXTREMLY excited because I have been waiting for this for SO LONG *squeeee*

2) Results for JLPT should be back soonish... not sure I want to know...

3) After burning out on like, day 2 of NANO with a flu I realied my story was not ready to be written: however after getting a truckload of artistic inspiration from (amoungst other things) my new love of all things steampunk and the twilight movie (yes seriously), I ended up doing it in January: MEANING! I have actually completed a novel without the NANO support!! I intend to do some serious editing in March (aka nat. novel editing month)

4) Season 5 of LOST is rocking my world baby. It's so confusing and I LOVE IT!

5) Season 4.5 of Battlestar Galactica not so much. No screen time for Kara after the whole 'she died once' thing, and no final five action either....

6) Am giving the Nana anime another go after giving up when it first came out- the episodes are so repetitive that it annoyed me too much to watch them once per week, but am now trying again and LOVING IT

7) My sister and I are going to a boxing class tonight. You know, for fun.

8) My aunt bought me a keyboard so I'm finally fulfilling my life dream of learning to play piano. And, *sulk* it's hard.
A summary of my life:

fandom: Battlestar Galactica. Yes. Not generally a fan of spaceship/robot things, but I'm into it, very deeply; i.e. have had far too many BSG related dreams!! And use 'frak' in conversations. There's also this house I pass that now looks like a Cylon raider to me. Creepy! Also watching season 2 of Sarah Connor Chronicals. More robots??

work: have left the bakery and am selling furniture at Archipelego living. Yay for idulging interests in design!! My head is overwhelmed with all the newness though...I hate having to pay for bread now. *angsts*

uni: deep into my research project on the dominant methods used to teach kanji. Am loving this project as I get to obsessive-compulsivly organize kanji textbooks into catagorizes that make them managable. Also, I have at least 70% of Perth's kanji textbooks stuffed in my tiny bedroom...

nano: will write a novel version of one of my short stories. Vel would remember it from our writing class a few years ago: Night/Snow. But there's something missing in the plot... So I've been reading a lot of scifi lately for inspiration.

Tis all for the next few months! *cough* Am such a lazy blogger, though I read my friends page obsessivly...
I would like to come out of hibernation to announce that I have discovered a new talent. I can determine the approximate word count of a word document just by looking at it.

*cough* useful? Maybe. Will it stop me from being obessivly attatched to the word check tool during Nano? Highly unlikely.

And on that topic, to celebrate my first year of nano with a debit card, I finally purchased something from their store: a coffee thermas. Will not drink out of it until November. I'll just stare at it.
ANNOUNCEMENT: while I was getting a blood test today I saw a vial labeled "JOHN CONNOR" and had myself a fangirl squee.

Why yes, I AM watching the Sarah Connor Chronicals, and, yes, I'm enjoying it. NO, it's not just because of Summer Glau.